20 March, 2006

News: Publication of A Jar of Pickles, a first book of poems in English by three Indonesian poets

A Jar of Pickles: A Potpourri of Poems from Indonesia will be published by the end of this month by Penerbit Absis dan Ordinat, Jakarta. Watch out: this will be among the first anthologies, if not the pioneer, of almost 100 original poems written in the English language by three Indonesian poets: namely Gerda Hutapea-Silitonga, Manneke Budiman and ... The Tjipoetat Quill (;), with a critical introduction from an outstanding literary critic from the University of Indonesia, Melani Budianta. The book will be available soon at major bookstores in Indonesia at around Rp. 25,000 a piece.


  1. congrats for the book. is it really written tjipoetat quill outthere? *wonder*

  2. thanks, fatih. no, i wasn't that fortunate:)