11 September, 2005


Biography in 3rd person only suits the dead, so please just call me Nad. I am an Indonesian living in Ciputat, a small suburb bordering Jakarta. 

Thanks for dropping by!  I hope you find my pieces--fruits of iddle hours that refused to be undone--worth your while. All my poems on this website are free for reprint. Should for one good reason or another you decide to use any of them, a back link or reference to my name or this site address will be appreciated. So will your constructive response.

One of the best ways to navigate yourself in this site may be through the Dossiers on the right-side bar, or the Search button.  The best way to exit it is, of course, by feeding my fish first ;-)

Have a nice day!

Updates per May 2011:

1) I blog, or used to do so, here: Once Upon A Weblog and Nad's Notes. I still keep my weekly journal of liberty, called Akal & Kehendak--well, I can't call it a weekly any more. Most blogs are dead, slain by Facebook;-p.  But since I don't do fb, I suppose my blogs only fade away. If you have time to spend and happen to read Indonesian, you can visit them.
2) I'm living in Canberra now.

Updates per April 2013:
3) I'm back home in Ciputat.



  1. I tried to leave comments on previous posts but I couldn't. I enjoy the poems. :)

  2. hola mr. Tjipoetat,, im using one of your poems .. "of love and sex" can you tell me the theme of that poem? thax :D

  3. A great ship asks deep waters.

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  5. Ini Sukasah yang dulu di Materials Department, yang suka recording di Citra Studio bukan ya?

  6. Ya betul! Halo Ratih! Maaf baru balas sekarang. Soalnya, kata sandinya baru bisa di-recover! Apa kabar? Di mana sekarang?